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Prawn Biryani…

English: Indian spicy rice dish cooked with sh...
English: Indian spicy rice dish cooked with shrimp and curry (Prawn Biryani) Italiano: Risotto indiano piccante ai gamberi e curry (Prawn Biryani) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

New camera? New operator? New skills? No – Got so carried away with trying to cook and watch Ricky Whittle, I forgot take the photo evidence. Nothing outstanding, but liked the crunchyness of the carrots and beans. Long, long list of spices – didn’t add them all but did add tamarind paste. This was mentioned in another recipe so saw it in Waitrose and bought it – now can’t find the recipe I bought it for despite looking through the book twice.  Was I dreaming? Home straight now – 38 down – 12 to go.  Bad planning though, 6 of these are salads, so not good with the winter nights well and  truly here.

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Moroccan lamb….

(traditionally steamed couscous, topped with l...
(traditionally steamed couscous, topped with lamb & stewed vegetables) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Moroccan Lamb with couscous

Student offspring home for a few days, so feeding her up with some extra easy recipes.  One of her favourites is the Moroccan Lamb with the redcurrant jelly from a previous SW book and she LOVES couscous so thought I’d try this one.

Bought the real thing from the butchers – whole fillets of lamb – this makes it very hard to trim all the fat – probably gives added taste though. I made this from start to finish in one evening and whilst it was very nice, I think making it in advance is always better – and it did lack the sweetness that the redcurrant jelly and apricots  gives in the other recipe, so on balance I would make that instead.

Cheated on the couscous though and went for the ready prepped lemon and coriander version.

Off to a conference now for a couple of days so they will have to fend for themselves.  I suspect a visit to the fish and chip shop might take place!

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Man flu- a new definition…

English: A chciken pie with a leaf decoration.
English: A chciken pie with a leaf decoration. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Chicken Pie

A new way to categorise the severity of a man’s illness…. it depends on how long they have stayed away from the computer.

Technical Support has now had 72 hours off.  Think it’s the dreaded swine flu, so I might be next up as I am his swine flu friend!  He probably got it from going to the doctors – first time in two years.

In true Jewish style, when illness strikes lets go for chicken recipes.  Planned ahead with roast chicken last night , in order to have enough leftover cooked chicken for the pie.  Topping made with mixture of ordinary and sweet potatoes.  Picture looks disgusting I must admit!

Nice and tasty but I did add some gravy as I do like a bit more moisture. Leeks or something – had a bit of an after effect though!

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After triumph comes disaster…

pesto (Photo credit: GeraldS)

Baked pesto cod with garlic mash….

Well, my prejudices against pesto have been confirmed.  When I first saw this recipe in the book, I knew this would be a challenge.  Although I eat most things, I’ve never liked pesto since my first experience  – however, that was along time ago and I knew I needed to give it another chance ; after all I like basil and garlic.

So, armed with fresh basil, garlic and lemon – I improvised the pestle and mortar with the end of the ice cream scoop and a soup bowl – that done onto the fresh cod, into the oven with the tomatoes. (Left my list at home , so forget the courgettes)

My first complaint – how can  the pesto sauce look that green after being in the oven uncovered for 15 mins?

I hardly need to say more than that  this was the first dish that TS had actually refused to finish  – the sauce was sharp and sour -. .. I would rather have chopped the basil and made a new fresh tomato sauce   – it was very unpleasant – bit like the Chermoula Chicken dish.

I can’t believe it was all down to the lack of a lack of pestle and mortar – what about the pine nuts?

I wish I had taken up the Asda offer and used the cook-in bag with their garlic and lemon butter!

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Comfort food…

English: Ben's Chili Bowl veggie burger with c...
English: Ben’s Chili Bowl veggie burger with chips. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Burger, Chips and Beans

TS begged for something simple, so to keep to the plan, I went for the burger recipe and as a special treat allowed him to have beans with it.  The photo is mine with salad.

I’ve made the Slimming World burgers before – nice enough, though do lack that “something” that good commercial ones have – probably additives and fat, but it was nice to have something predictable for a change.

Couldn’t be bothered with the salsa – Heinz best for me.

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Terrific Thai curry

English: Kaeng phet kai (haeng) (Thai: แกงเผ็ด...
English: Kaeng phet kai (haeng) (Thai: แกงเผ็ดไก่ [แห้ง]): (Dry) red chicken curry. In Chiang Mai, curries tend to be more “soupy” than elsewhere in Thailand so this is the Chiang Mai version of a drier style of red curry. It contains chicken, red curry paste, coconut milk, two types of aubergine (sliced ping pong ball sized aubergines and whole pea sized aubergines), holy basil, kaffir lime leaves, yardlong beans and sliced chillies. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Thai Chicken & Vegetable Curry

Oh no – I’m beginning to sound like Arlene Phillips ! I don’t think her age was anything to do with her being dropped from Strictly judges panel – I think it was her awful jokes, puns and alliterations!

Never made a Thai curry before, so this was a first.  Really yummy -lots of chopping to do again – but think of your five a day! ( there’s a mini chopper on sale in Sainsbury’s for £19.99m – tempted!   but think of the washing up)  .

Thats reminds me – at last – after years of getting annoyed with the dishwasher cutlery basket, I got round to getting  a new one.  Trademark model £25 – generic model £8 – no contest-  so more more knives, forks, spoons etc jamming the bottom shelf!  Hurrah!  And spookily – my sister who lives x000 miles away - how far is LA from Suffolk?  also got one too – and no confering.

Back to the food – only criticism- next time I will use a little less stock and add the coconut milk towards the end as it curdled and was very runny; more soupish.

We will see what it tasted like next day – maybe the flavours came through even more! (Self controlled – didn’t scoff the lot this time)

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Not so slimline cottage pie…

Cottage pie
Cottage pie (Photo credit: flickrrhoea)

As an expert cottage pie maker ( bit like the lasagne) this wasn’t much different to how I would normally make it.  I did add the yogurt though to the mash- and without a qualm.  That psycho analysis must be working!

Following the habits of the original/ green days , I substituted some of the potato for swede, so making the whole thing lighter.  So light that we almost ate the whole lot that was intended for four people!  Bit of a mistake here – though I blame Technical Support mostly. Maybe he was  glad there were no chillies today?

Should have also included the mousakka as that’s nice too but a bit different.

I do have some issues with the photo in the book – there’s no way those peas can be as green as that after being cooked for 40 mins!

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Sensational Salmon…

Kedgeree, a popular breakfast dish in the Vict...
Kedgeree, a popular breakfast dish in the Victorian era. Esperanto: Keĝerio. Español: Kedgeree. עברית: קדגרי, נאכל לרוב כארוחת בוקר בתקופה הוויקטוריאנית. קדגרי. Italiano: Kedgeree, un tipico piatto servito a colazione durante l’epoca vittoriana. Bahasa Melayu: Kedgeree, sebuah hidangan sarapan pagi masyhur sewaktu zaman Victoria. Português: Kedgeree. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Quick Smoked Salmon Kedgeree

Well this certainly lived up to it’s name!  Bit of pre planning as I had a surfeit of dried lentils, so I precooked some on Sunday.

Then went to a very wet and windy Blackpool for the day – sadly not to see Strictly or even have a free dance lesson with the lovely Karen Hardy -one of my favourites celeb dancers – she looks younger every day – but for a conference on Youth Employment – or lack of at the moment!

Returned home after a 4 hour drive from Blackpool and whipped up the Quick Smoked Salmon Kedgeree –  I loved it.  Have made traditional kedgeree lots of times, but the addition of the crunchiness of the lentils and the substitution of the ready preped smoked salmon instead of smoked haddock was really tasty and quick – will make this again.

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Turkeys in Folsom
Turkeys in Folsom (Photo credit: rckenned)

Turkey, Broccoli and Pasta Gratin

A midweek dish – instructions in the book to make it with cooked turkey, but I started from scratch; also added some onion.  Perfectly nice dish – but won’t change the world

Reading in the paper about binge eating – to qualify need to intake 10,000 calories in one sitting!!!!!   I don’t think I’ve ever done that in a day.

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Another triumph…

Stir frying (爆 bào) is a Chinese cooking techn...
Stir frying (爆 bào) is a Chinese cooking technique involving relatively large amounts of oil. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Vietnamese Duck Noodles


This one definitely top ten.  Wonderful flavoursome duck marinated with lemon grass, garlic, lime and thai fish sauce.  I just used a bag of stirfry veg instead of ending up with too much water chestnut and bamboo shoots.  Also added a very liberal splash of Chinese wine to the stir fry.  Bit expensive for everyday, though the duck portions I had could have served two .


Halloween tonight – bought some Haribos just in case but no visitors – now got 2 bags of sweets to resist. I’ll be fine with the Star Mix, it’s the Tangfastics I love.  I wonder how many syns in a bag of those?


All this while enjoying Ricky Whittle’s quick step!


Here’s another chance to see it if you missed it – if he doesn’t win it will be a travesty!!!



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