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A milestone…


Bacon and Butternut Squash Risotto

Had high hopes for this one as one a the SW members  said it was one of her favourite SW dishes.  It was ok but I was a bit underwhelmed; TS thought needed more bacon.  Hope some of the poor student offspring  likes it as there’s loads left in the freezer.

Really need to get back on track this week to make up for the weekend and lack of gym/exercise due to bad back!

crabAngel Hair Pasta with Crab, Chilli and Parsley

Here’s another one I won’t be making again!  Opened one of the many tins of crab by mistake ( just fancied a nice ordinary tuna salad after our eating marathon last weekend) so decided to make this.

The combination of the lemon and the chilli was just overwhelming – and not in a good way -really sharp and aggressive. Also no sauce .   Yuk!

I am now just over half way through  -27 recipes so far!  And only two I really hated!

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Dealing with set backs…

Some major setbacks here that have severely affected extraeasy cooking – well actually the blogging more that the cooking.

First of all, too much time spent on a computer with a badly designed work station is not good for you!

Decided last week to do the ubiquitous “working from home” – but in this case I really was  and spent over seven hours on the laptop at the dining room table – bad position, bad chair and too long in one place.  By Saturday night I couldn’t move – this was also particularly bad news as we had gone away for the weekend, so not very relaxing to be in bed in agony – and awake.  (As an aside – we did have a nice time away – ate loads though!  And had an upgrade to a suite – so I could watch Strictly in the bath!)

So a visit to the osteopath in order first thing Monday morning – cutting back on time at that particular laptop set up highly recommended.

Second disaster – Technical Support had not one but two hard drive failures – so unable to get to a decent PC to update blog.

In the meantime, here’s the dishes I did cook: –

Grilled Lamb Cutlets with Rosemary Potatoes


Whilst very nice , nothing particularly new that I wouldn’t do anyway.  But if you want something easy and simple to do then here’s the recipe for you.  The only thing different was the Worcestershire & soy sauce that was brushed on the lamb beforehand.  Instead of sauteed potatoes – which can be a pain when using little fat- I roasted them in Fry light and added some other vegetables to roast too – so my version was probably better!  Can’t go wrong with a few sweet roast carrots in my opinion.


Prawn & Sweet Potato Curry.

This was pretty tasty, though I didn’t use the tamarind paste.

Minor criticism, the sauce was a bit thin, so next time I would add some fromage frais or something to thicken – or maybe get the tamarind paste!

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Another soup…

Ham Minestrone


Days are certainly getting cooler, so time to swap my lunch time salad for something more warming.  After the success of the lentil and bacon soup, here comes the turn of the Ham Minestrone.  As usual, easy to make – once you’ve done all the chopping. Not as nice as the lentil soup, but fresh and healthy.

Went to see “Desperate to Be Doris” – great fun if you get the chance – Doris Day songs going round in my head all night.

It’s now the final week of Master chef – and today they were making high tea.  Six hours to make the perfect sandwich, cake and dessert – don’t you just wish they had invented TV that you could taste!  The judging pastry chefs were supposed to have clients such as Kate Moss, Madonna etc-  can’t imagine them tucking into cream cakes – but when you realise how small each one is meant to be makes a bit more sense.

I’ve had – what I consider – some great food – but never been to a Michelin establishment.  Maybe I can get someone to take me for a birthday treat? Or finishing the SW Challenge treat?   Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps…..

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Not to be repeated…

cherchickChermoula Chicken with Fruity Couscous

Well, we are nearly half way through the book and now here comes the worst one yet.

The chicken requires marinating overnight with the spices – coriander, cumin, paprika, garlic and lemon then grilling. Accompanied  by couscous with chopped apple, orange, grapes and tomatoes.   This was not a nice combination at all in our opinion – the spicyness of the chicken was not at all  subtle  and didn’t go with the fruityness of the couscous – also there was no sauce/juices that married the two flavours.  A waste of a good piece of Swiss Farms chicken – didn’t quite end up in the bin but nearly. do not cook this for anyone else without trying it first!!

Not sure what Chermoula is meant to be like – apparently it’s a Moroccan dish – hence I suppose combining it with the couscous.  I’ve never had it before, but I shall certainly avoid it from now.- or maybe the quantities are a bit unbalanced.

I’d rather have my signature roast chicken leg, garlic ,pepper and onion dish with the Ainsley Harriott lemon and coriander couscous any day.

One saving grace – used up the couscous for next day’s lunch.

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