Slimming World Lasagne!…

lasagneA delicious alternative.

I’m renowned for my great lasagne ( well in family circles) – so thought I’d try this one.

I added lots more vegetables to the meat recipe so that made the meat go even further and healthier.  Was tempted to whizz the meat etc in the food processor to make it a smoother consistency, but decided to leave it chunky.

The topping is made from low fat natural yogurt and eggs – 500g of yogurt – seemed a bit much to me, so skimped a bit on this – but should have trusted SW.  Although I’ve been using yogurt in SW recipes for ages now, I still can’t quite trust it and I’m sometimes unwilling to go all the way.  Perhaps I need some psycho analysis to get over this mistrust of yogurt – could also throw in cottage cheese to the session -bit of  a BOGOF session.

Verdict – was delicious, even though the top was a little crispy ( yes I burnt most of it – but can’t blame SW) You can only see the best bit.  Loads left over – will be eating this for the next 2 days.

But here’s the big question – will I go back to the traditional white bechamel sauce next time I make it for guests?

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